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Readable makes your podcast memorable

Reveal the hidden potential of your podcast: turn your audio into a premium reading experience and reach new listeners with better visibility on networks and search engines.

We'll let you know as soon as the product is available!

Turn your Podcast into a premium reading experience.

Readable makes your podcasts accessible to everyone

Readable transcribes your podcast into natural easy-to-read language, providing an optimal listening and reading experience.

Best reading experience

Our product will turn your audio episodes into a fancy web page with speaker avatars, a pleasant layout, chaptering, and live text highlighting.

Fully automated

We use the best AI software to provide you with an accurate speech-to-text transcription of your audio content.

Speakers identification

Our technology can identify multiple speakers in a single episode. And we will even remember everyone's voice from episode to episode.

Effortless corrections

Spotted an error in the transcription? This will be easily fixed with our correction editor. Our AI engine will even learn new words as you type them.

How it works

Readable makes it easy

We designed our service to be easy and effortless to use. Send us your audio files, we take care of the rest.


Upload your audio files

Upload your Podcast episode files, or leave us download them from your current hosting platform.


Transcribe the audio

It will take our AI engine only a few minutes to deliver an accurate text transcription of your Podcast episode.


Identify speakers

The different speakers will be automatically identified. We just need a little help from you to type their full name and upload their avatar.


Improve your page

Want to fix a typo, highlight a remarkable quote or split the text into chapters? Our correction editor will make it easy for you.


Embed it into your site

We can host the pages for you, with your custom domain name, or you can embed it on your existing website. Your choice!

Speak your ideas. We will write them for you.

If you've ever wondered how to grow your audience, you've come to the right place. Take a big step forward in expanding your podcast reach with Readable.

We'll let you know as soon as the product is available!

Why Readable

Get the most out of your Podcast with readable content.

Provide a premium experience to your listeners with the podcast/transcript combo, and improve your brand image.

Share your Podcast's best quotes on social networks.

Your podcast is accessible to everyone

Open your podcast to the world: non-native and hearing impaired listeners can now reach and benefit from your content with ease.


Your podcast is SEO-ready

Your Podcast is an SEO goldmine, we will help you to dig it out: textual pages generated by Readable are optimized for search engines.


Your show can be shared on networks

We make it easy for listeners and readers to pick their favorite quotes from your episodes and share them on social networks.


Automation will save your time

Focus on your content, we take care of 90% of your website. Then bring the final touch and pimp your site with our outstanding editor.


Want to test Readable or just be part of our journey?

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